You own a beautiful holiday house in the Greek isles. Fantastic!

Have you ever wondered what happens to it when you are away?

What if a pipe breaks, if water finds its way in after a heavy storm, or even worse if a (not so infrequent) power failure happens and all the systems go nuts?

Can you afford losing precious time or having your nerves broken over the phone, trying to explain to someone you hardly know or trust, how to deal with this mini-crisis?

OK let's face it, even if nothing gloomy and doomy happens, what are your plans with the maintenance of your loving house and its precious equipment? And we're not talking about that strange Hungarian vase aunt Martha brought you while visiting last summer!

Who's going to take care of the pool, the filters of the desalination unit, the air conditioning, the heating, the boilers, the pumps and, oh yes (!), the generator that must always be stand-by and ready-to-rock? What about that roof insulation problem that troubles you, or that crack in the pool finish? What has gone wrong with the perennial shrubs of the plot, the withered vegetable garden or that lovely sculpted-like olive tree you got last year?

Can you afford sacrificing your long-awaited holidays, trying to organise crews, technicians, gardeners, water-shamans or who-knows-who, to rectify the failures, when you're finally back on the isle and everybody else is having fun?


We think not!


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