We keep it fresh. We maintain your house. Regular and preventive maintenance that is.

When dealing with problems you are better off with a single point of contact, who can take care of everything in-and-on behalf of you.

That's were we come in the picture. Fronteasy, as in Greek φροντίζει, meaning taking care, caring for.

We make things easy. Easy for you.

Round the year, with regular inspections, rectification of damages, prevention of failures and constant reporting!

It's better to be safe than sorry, because "sorry" in the housing business might cost a heck of a lot!


OK by now you've got the picture. Apart from taking care of maintenance issues though, we can also do the trivial housekeeping.

For example, we can arrange cleaning, laundering, cooking, or even paying your utility bills and taking care of that incomprehensible tax bill that keeps changing every year..!

And it doesn't stop here!


Now, imagine you are on holidays and you want to organise a party. Or your friends are about to visit and you want to take them for island-hopping and swim in desolate beaches. Or go kite-surfing. Or aunt Martha is visiting again and you want someone to pick her up from Athens airport and get her safely in Paros. Or just want to eat a traditional home-made Greek cheese-pita, or... the list is endless.

Well,  now you know the trick! Pick up the phone and call us. Instead of trying to tame the Greek Hydra of organisation, let us do it.

We speak your language, we speak their language, we can make things happen.

So simple, "etsi apla", as Greeks say.

Alyki. Paros. Greece. 84 400.