Fronteasy is a facilities management company, founded by three professional engineers (Dipl. Eng., as University trained engineers are designated in continental Europe). We all have a long family tradition in engineering, construction and professional FM services in Greece and abroad, and a presence of more than 20 years in the building and construction industry of Paros and Antiparos.

Having built exclusively high-end houses during the last twenty years (maybe even yours!) we know inside-out the local housing industry.

Trustworthy and knowledgeable, with an extensive network of local and non-local expert crews and technicians we can tackle any issue that concerns you.

As licensed Dipl. Engineers we are all registered with the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE/TCG) in Greece and EU.

Fronteasy PC is a Private Company with a legal entity in Greece and operates under Law 4072 of 2012



George Katsibokis | George Oikonomopoulos | George Kangelis


Alyki. Paros. Greece. 84 400.